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Mozyr Oil Refinery
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About us
About us

JSC Mozyr Oil Refinery is a major supplier of a wide range of petroleum products, such as:

  • Motor Gasolines (AI-98-K5-Euro, AI-95-K5-Euro, AI-92-K5-Euro)
  • Diesel Fuel (DT-L-К4(К5), DT-Z-К4(К5)
  • Diesel Fuel for cold and arctic climate (DT-Z-К5 class 2, and DT-А-К5 class 3)
  • Home Heating Oil
  • Fuel Oil
  • Roofing Petroleum Bitumen
  • Construction Petroleum Bitumens
  • Road Petroleum Bitumens
  • LPG of SPBT grade (propane and butane mixture) for household use
  • LPG meeting PN-EN 589:2009
  • VGO
  • Technical Sulphur
  • Ecologically Improved Kerosene
  • Petroleum Benzene 

Main features of our petroleum products:

  • low sulphur content (max 10 mg/kg) in motor gasolines АI-95-Euro and АI-92-Euro, diesel fuels, and in lamp oil;
  • no octane boosting and other additives in motor gasolines.

We are committed to the very highest safety, health and environmental standards. We are always exploring new ways of further improving the safety performance of our refinery to meet the changing global market requirements, environmental regulations, occupational health and safety regulations.  

Our refinery exports up to 80% of our petroleum products. Refinery's favourable geographical location, proximity to crude oil and petroleum product pipelines, multiple railways and motorways make our products available for consumers in Ukraine, Moldova, Hungary, Romania, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Baltic countries, Italy, Great Britain, Russia, etc.

JSC Mozyr Oil Refinery's Shareholders:

  •  State Property Committee of the Republic of Belarus
  •  Open Joint-Stock Oil and Gas Company Slavneft
  •  Limited Liability Company
  •  Private Shareholders